Artistry with authenticity

Maison Arabella is an architectural interior design studio led by Arabella Bassadone. A trained interior designer with a BSc in Investment & Finance in Real Estate, Arabella led global projects for design firms such as Candy & Candy and Katharine Pooley before founding Maison Arabella in 2016.

She has an appreciation of blending different aesthetics, from design masters to humbler craftsmen, bold colours to subtle shades and variations in scale, believing that design should convey new meanings while focusing on functionality and promoting wellbeing.

Originality is at the core of her creations, sparking emotion and reflecting its user. Disliking repetition, her style rejects rules and instead she develops creative solutions, freely playing with ideas without preconceptions or prejudices. With this vision, her leadership has seen Maison Arabella evolve into a creative, culturally savvy and visionary design studio.

Creative Talent

What makes us unique is our approach, which starts with learning about our clients to understand their personality, lifestyle and design identity. Immersed in internationalism and craft, our global perspective and extensive design credentials is the foundation of everything we do.

Whether commercial or private, our work combines culture with meaning and innovation with heritage, transcending aesthetics for aesthetics’ sake and instead inspiring new ways of living. 

We do this by harnessing the talent of our own team, blending our years of diverse expertise with a fresh curiosity, and working with an extended group of artisanal makers, resourceful connectors and influential gallerists.

Advisory Board

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