Arabella Bassadone

It was the desire to create identity and disrupt which drove our founder and creative director Arabella Bassadone to establish an architectural interior design studio in 2016. Maison Arabella’s portfolio encompasses a range of award winning projects, from private homes, offices & spa wellbeing spaces internationally.

A true reflection of the international and iconoclastic aesthetic of its founder, Maison Arabella embodies effortless sophistication and has strikingly created a distinctive balance between old world elegance and modernity. Never enclosed in one style, always inspired by many references, Arabella conveys new meaning and an opportunity to express yourself while focusing on functionality and promoting wellbeing. With this vision, her leadership has seen Maison Arabella evolve into a creative, culturally savvy and visionary design studio which now also includes award winning products for the home including accessories, furniture & lighting.

“ I believe in contrast and cohesion – to impose an electric juxtaposition. For example an item that is feminine, soft, tactile and curvaceous against a piece that is inherently more masculine, hard-lined, and bold in its material form. The brilliance lies in that balance.”

Artistry with authenticity

Defining her style as < current and classic > originality is at the core of her creations, sparking emotion and reflecting its user. Disliking repetition, her style rejects rules and instead she develops creative solutions, freely playing with ideas without preconceptions or prejudices. Interested in all art forms (sculpture, photography and painting), fashion and architecture. She has an appreciation of blending different aesthetics, from design masters to humbler craftsmen, bold colours to subtle shades and variations in scale, believing that design should convey new meanings.

Arabella credits her roots, global perspective and natural curiosity for setting her onto the path of leading a design studio. The classicism inherited from her Austrian mother, together with her Mediterranean backgrounds have set the tone for her appreciation for mixing styles. She has experienced a variety of different cultures, having lived in Paris, Hong Kong and LA, to then kick starting her career in London where she completed her Diploma in Interior Design following a degree in Investment & Finance in Real Estate from the University of Reading. Being a business owner was an inevitable choice having been surrounded by a grandfather who was a property developer, a mother also a designer, previously owning a boutique of objets de curiosities and a successful entrepreneur father, who was awarded an OBE (Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours) for his contribution to the automotive industry and economy.

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